7 kinds of common bathroom cabinet plate, the most complete advantages and disadvantages

7 kinds of common bathroom cabinet plate, the most complete advantages and disadvantages
7 kinds of common bathroom cabinet plate, the most complete advantages and disadvantages

     A bathroom cabinet is a very practical piece of furniture as it can organize bathroom supplies. A good bathroom cabinet can make the whole bathroom to enhance a lot of class. So how can you buy a good-looking and good bathroom cabinet?

1.solid wood bathroom cabinet:

  • Solid wood bathroom cabinet as the name suggests is made of solid wood, the surface of the waterproof environmentally friendly paint spray treatment, formaldehyde emission is lower, more environmentally friendly, more sturdy and durable.
  • Advantages: health and environmental protection, natural simplicity, elegance, fully reflect the owner's home grade and identity of the noble.

    Disadvantages: expensive. At the same time, if the environment is very dry, it is easy to dry crack, so the maintenance should be more humid cotton rags often sassafras.

2.ceramic bathroom cabinet:

  • Ceramic bathroom cabinet is the use of lime and other materials directly based on the mold fired into the ceramic body as a cabinet, countertops are generally ceramic. Ceramic bathroom cabinet is characterized by a smooth surface, if carved with blue and white patterns, is very beautiful and texture of a bathroom cabinet.
  • Advantages: easy to take care of, can fully reflect the owner's clean and bright rhythm.
  • Disadvantages: ceramics are fragile items, if there are heavy objects touch, it is easy to damage.

3. paste wood veneer class bathroom cabinet: 


Solid wood or medium fiberboard as a substrate, the use of solid wood veneer board as a whole paste, surface brush with waterproof paint. Medium fiberboard is crushed into powdered wood raw materials, processed into a man-made panels.
  • Advantages: natural, relatively low price of solid wood bathroom cabinets.

Disadvantages: because of the substrate with solid wood veneer board of different wood species, due to the paste process and the impact of adhesive materials, easy to crack phenomenon, affecting the waterproof effect.

4. stainless steel bathroom cabinet:

  • Stainless steel bathroom cabinet using high-quality stainless steel plate and other materials processed through several procedures, characterized by a strong sense of metal, a variety of styles, novel design, like the metal texture of the furniture is a good choice for friends.
  • Advantages: good stainless steel bathroom cabinet waterproof performance is good, durable, environmental protection, moisture, mildew, rust, diverse styles, chic design.
  • Disadvantages: limited by the material, the cabinet is thin, not strong practicality. At the same time, it is easy to leave traces of soap and shampoo, and stainless steel is easy to darken and lose its original luster

5.Tempered glass bathroom cabinet:

  • The so-called tempered glass bathroom cabinet is a bathroom cabinet cabinet used in the substrate for the tempered glass material; of course, this type of bathroom cabinet with other solid wood bathroom cabinets, you can also have other material countertops, such as glass, ceramic, stone and so on. Many people in pursuit of fashion should like, of course, if your bathroom is narrower, the use of this transparent tempered glass bathroom cabinet has the role of extending the bathroom view.
  • Advantages: tempered glass bathroom cabinets are beautiful, translucent and stylish, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly.
  • Disadvantages: the use of the process to consider its gravity, the use of the process is also more afraid of touching, and difficult to take care of, especially when the water dries up and leaves a mark very clean.

6.All-aluminum bathroom cabinet


  • As the name suggests, the material is all aluminum alloy, the surface to do spraying, transfer printing, PET and other processes, all-aluminum panels have honeycomb panels, splicing panels, the weight is lighter than the wooden ones, due to the nature of the aluminum alloy itself, all-aluminum bathroom cabinets are waterproof and durable, leaving behind stains and good cleaning.
  • Advantages: good waterproof performance, good load-bearing, good cleaning, durable, environmental protection, moisture, mildew, rust, a variety of styles, chic design.
  • Cons: the price of a good all-aluminum home is higher than the price of wooden furniture and lower than the price of solid wood.