Bathroom cabinet countertop with what material is good? Bathroom cabinets have those maintenance tips?

Bathroom cabinet countertop with what material is good? Bathroom cabinets have those maintenance tips?
Bathroom cabinet countertop with what material is good? Bathroom cabinets have those maintenance tips?

       Bathroom cabinets can not only facilitate us to wash, but also increase the storage space, so many homeowners in the renovation of the bathroom will choose to install a bathroom cabinet, of course, the bathroom cabinet is good or bad and the material used in its countertops also has a great relationship with the bathroom cabinets countertops with what material is good? Bathroom cabinets have those maintenance skills? Below and I understand it together.


       A. Bathroom cabinet countertop with what material is good?


  1, because the rock plate resistance and hardness characteristics, many businesses use rock plate to do bathroom cabinet countertops. Rock slab for dining table or cabinet countertops, even if a little oil spilled on it, wipe it off in time, but the water stains in the wash area is a little bit not very good clean up, it is recommended to choose a higher density, good quality rock slabs, as well as try not to choose the dark colours.


  2, marble, natural marble just the opposite of ceramics, it is hard and not brittle, the thickness is generally more than 1.6CM; marble colour, texture rich and diverse, can be processed into a variety of shapes; is the first of a variety of high-grade bathroom furniture materials, the key is that natural marble will not be discolouration, it can keep home furnishings for a long time, and ceramics with a long time the colour of the oxidation will become yellowish and pale. Marble is sedimentary rock, radiation is very small, in line with national safety standards of marble products on the human body is not harmful; custom bathroom cabinets are generally used marble countertops, because marble in the size of the flexible control, it is fully compatible with the size of the custom bathroom cabinet requirements.


  3, quartz stone, quartz stone is another affordable and durable countertop material. Quartz stone's excellent performance, is to greatly increase the hardness of artificial stone, strength, abrasion resistance, in the use of the process is not easy to scratch. This is a great countertop material. In the use of bathroom cabinets, there will always be cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. fall on the countertop, may penetrate the countertop, leaving a mark that can not be wiped off. The use of quartz stone countertops will not have this trouble.


  B. Bathroom cabinets have those maintenance skills?


  1, the necessary moisture treatment. General bathroom cabinet itself will do special treatment, there will rarely be a very serious case of mouldy moisture. However, it is best to use a thin rubber mat to separate the bathroom cabinet from the ground, while the bathroom cabinet should be kept 0.5-1 metres away from the wall, to achieve the purpose of wet and dry separation.


  2, avoid being scratched by hard objects. When cleaning the bathroom, pay attention to avoid making cleaning tools touch the cabinet, usually also pay attention to, do not let the hard metal products or other sharp objects collision to the cabinet, if there are some small scratches or dents, we can use a cotton ball coated with the same colour of shoe polish to repair.


  3, regular waxing treatment. In order to increase the life of solid wood bathroom cabinets, we should also regularly do a good job for the bathroom cabinet waxing treatment, the cycle is generally half a year, before waxing, must use soapy water to wipe out the old wax before. To be wiped clean, and then use a clean cotton cloth to dry its moisture, before you can continue to waxing treatment.


  Summary: The above is the bathroom cabinet countertop with what material is good as well as bathroom cabinets have those maintenance skills of the whole content of the introduction, and finally hope that this article can help you.