What is a bathroom cabinet? What are the categories of bathroom cabinets?(二)

What is a bathroom cabinet? What are the categories of bathroom cabinets?(二)
What is a bathroom cabinet? What are the categories of bathroom cabinets?(二)

Basin classification and characteristics

1, ceramic basin class, the basin is relatively easy to clean.
2, glass basin class, easy to be attached to the soap water is difficult to clean.
3, stainless steel basin class, running water sound.
4, microcrystalline stone basin, easy to be scratched by hard objects! But can be polished to restore.

Classification by placement

1, hanging: hanging wall is required to load-bearing wall or solid brick wall, this bathroom cabinet underneath the suspension is easy to take care of bathroom sanitation, basic no health dead ends. In addition, it can effectively prevent moisture from extending to the cabinet. Insulation walls and lightweight partition walls can not install these products.
2, floor-to-ceiling: floor cabinets and hanging cabinet is not much difference, is not pick wall, but the cabinet is not good underneath the care of health, there is the cabinet is easy to moisture.

Common sense in maintenance

1, bathroom cabinets in the handling, should be gently lifted and put, do not hard drag; placed, the ground is not flat, should be the leg pad solid;
2, do not put the bathroom cabinet in the sun, do not put too much in the dry place, placed in a suitable ventilation;
3, bathroom cabinets have cracks, available paint and pigment mixing embedded plug flat, in order to keep a long time not bad, but putty and pigment to be consistent with the original pigment color, so as not to leave scars;
A burn marks: smoke and fire in the bathroom cabinet surface left scorch marks, if the paint is burnt, can be wrapped in a toothpick on a layer of fine-grained hard cloth, gently wipe the traces, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, scorch marks can be eliminated.
B scald marks: bathroom cabinets left on the white scald marks, generally as long as the alcohol, eau de toilette, kerosene wet cloth can be wiped.
C water stains: with a wet cloth over the marks on the bathroom cabinet, use the iron to carefully press the wet cloth, marks can be disappeared.
D abrasion: bathroom cabinet lacquer abrasion, did not touch the paint under the wood, available with the same color as the cabinet crayon or paint, in the cabinet of the traumatic side of the paint to cover the exposed color, and then transparent nail polish can be coated with a thin layer.
4, often with a soft cloth for the bathroom cabinet dust, dust before, soft cloth dipped in a little spray cleaner, do not wipe with a dry cloth;
5, regular waxing: every 6 to 12 months, with paste wax for the bathroom cabinet on a layer of wax;
A Remove watermarks: use clean absorbent paper to lay on the water stains on the surface of the bathroom cabinet, with a heated iron heavy pressure on it, can also be smeared with toothpaste, after which it will be wiped dry and waxed.
B Remove the white marks: with a cloth stained with soot and lemon juice mixture coated, wiped dry and waxed.
6, bathroom cabinet daily cleaning: ceramic basin daily cleaning can be cleaned with water and detergent, soap and water;
7, bathroom cabinet ceramic basin scratches processing: ceramic basin surface should be kept clean often, dust sand timely removal of a party abrasive surface, when the surface of the ceramic basin scratches, can be coated with a little toothpaste on the scratches, wipe repeatedly with a soft dry cloth, in the wax, you can make the surface of the bathroom cabinet smooth as new.
Due to the environment in which the bathroom cabinet, will often come into contact with water, the environment is relatively humid, and other uses of the cabinet compared to the bathroom cabinet need to pay more attention to maintenance, in the details to pay more attention in order to make the bathroom cabinet service life long


Maintenance of cabinet door panels

1, avoid close to heat, power, water, avoid direct sunlight;
2, do not contact with gasoline, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents;
3, to cotton cloth cleaning, with a brush to clean the carving seam;
4, solid wood door panels are best to use furniture wax cleaning;
5, it is recommended that the best every half a month or so on the solid wood bathroom cabinets for a maintenance: cleaning, waxing, a maintenance color of the long bright;
6, should avoid countertop overflow. Splash water to stay a long time to soak the door and produce deformation.
7, bathroom cabinet doors and drawers should be opened with appropriate force, do not open and close violently. Suspended cabinet of the glass on the lift them, should respect the design selection with hydraulic support or random stop, in order to protect the use of safety.

Maintenance of cabinets

1. It is recommended that you place heavy objects in the floor cabinet. The movable shelves can be adjusted up and down, pay attention to whether the shelf tray is placed in the right position. Hanging cabinets are suitable for light items, such as shampoo, shower gel, dry towels. Paper towels and other light items.
2, wall-mounted bathroom floor cabinets and hanging cabinets installed on the wall requirements are load-bearing walls. In the designer's actual measurement, if found not to have the installation conditions, the customer needs to be required by the designer, the wall for appropriate reinforcement.
3, bathroom cabinets before use to keep 15 days ~ 20 days to open the cabinet door vacant, properly ventilated to eliminate residual odor.
4, the cabinet a stick tenon and eccentric pieces of structure, please do not modify and disassemble.
5, please do not use sharp objects to scrape, collision cabinet surface;
6, do not pry up the surface metal decorative materials, do not use steel wire balls and other sharp materials to clean the surface of metal objects; do not use corrosive liquid to clean the surface of metal objects.
7, please do not pull and cut the edge of the cabinet bumper strip, in order to ensure dustproof, anti-collision, anti-roach effect, to extend the service life of the bathroom cabinet.
8, should avoid the bathroom cabinet long-term direct sunlight, in order to avoid causing local color difference.
9, smooth placement of items, heavy items should be placed in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet bottom cabinet; hanging cabinet is not easy to place too heavy items, so as not to cause the top and bottom of the stress deformation, while ensuring that the process of picking up and placing the items safe.


Countertop Maintenance

To extend the life of the countertop, do not place hot objects directly on the countertop. When placing a hot object, place other heat-insulating materials such as a stand with rubber feet or a heat-insulating mat under the object.


bathroom mirror

1, bathroom mirror once installed, please do not move and remove unloading, do not hit the mirror with objects to avoid broken and hurt; floor bathroom mirror can be moved, but need to be completed by more than one person to cooperate, and placed at the same angle as before the move, do not let the children alone close to or push and pull the floor mirror;
2, other so accessories if found loose, please adjust or repair in time, so as not to fall off and cause accidents.


metal hardware (nuts and bolts)

Bathroom cabinet hardware is mainly metal chain, hinges, slides, etc., its material is generally a stainless steel or steel surface plating, plastic spraying based on the following points should be noted:
1, to avoid strong acidic and alkaline solutions directly sprinkled on the hardware, should be wiped clean immediately when it happens inadvertently.
2、Door hinges should be kept open and closed freely, and to prevent moisture and rust.
3、Keep the drawer slides pulling freely, and often keep clean.