Shower buying tips for horse living!

Shower buying tips for horse living!
Shower buying tips for horse living!


Shower room as one of the three bathroom, not only bear the wet area of water mist, prevent splashing the main task, its various types of molding can also add a lot of points for the overall value, so that the bath completely become a beautiful thing to relax the body and mind.

Today to nag how to choose the shower room it ~

1.Advantages of designing a shower

Separation of wet and dry areas

Avoid splashing when using the shower, and avoid the hassle of mopping and wiping the toilet after each shower, reducing the amount of work involved in cleaning after a shower. Reduces the degree of humidity in the bathroom and reduces the breeding of bacteria. It also extends the service life of bathroom cabinets and bathroom doors.

Prevents loss of warmth

Installing a shower enclosure will provide insulation when used in the winter months, making bathing feel more comfortable and warm.

Separate bath space

Most homes are constructed with a bathroom that is combined with a lavatory, and installing a bath room avoids interfering with each other and facilitates daily life.



Bathroom design shower room compared to installing a bathtub, to save space, bathing is also more convenient comfortable and hygienic.


2.Shower Room Classification

A monogrammed shower takes up more space, but at the same time it is spacious and the shower experience is excellent.

Circular shower room is more space-saving, suitable for the installation of sliding doors, but to choose good quality, especially the slide at the hardware, can not be cheap, otherwise it will be easy to derail, maintenance is not only troublesome and cost more.

Square showers are, as the name suggests, square in appearance and shape, either square or rectangular. Usually also choose the corner area, using two walls + two glass as a partition, but it takes up more space than a rounded shower.

If the home bathroom space is relatively small, you can choose the diamond-shaped shower room, taking up less space, and can also be flexible according to the space of the home to design, but this relative workmanship, it is more troublesome, the need for hinge fittings are also more, so the price will be more expensive.



Generally appear in the market bath room, high quality will use tempered glass, this is due to its strength in comparison will be higher, even in the case of broken will not appear too large particles, so as to maximize our personal safety.

Generally speaking, the thickness of 8mm will be better, both with a good pressure resistance, while the sliding door is not easy to shake, bathing, can protect personal safety.

The high quality will be made of aluminum alloy, and its surface should also be treated with anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-oxidation. This will also make it less likely to show signs of paint peeling off, and its structure will be stronger and less prone to deformation.

Pay attention to whether the aluminum frame and wall plate are tightly fitted with the airtight track. Otherwise, long-term push and pull switch collision is easy to make the door piece loose. Pay attention to regularly clean the slide, add lubricant, adjust the screws to ensure that the slider effective bearing and good sliding.