How should I install a shower base?

How should I install a shower base?
How should I install a shower base?

Installation of shower room, in addition to the installation of parts is very important, but also pay attention to if with the bottom of the basin, the installation of the bottom of the basin is also extremely important, because it will affect the use of the effect of the shower room, especially the bottom of the basin of the infiltration function, if it is not installed, will affect its performance, the following explains the steps of the installation of the bottom of the basin!

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Adding an underbelly to your shower will look more upscale and the underbelly is highly permeable to water. However, it is important to note that the location as well as the holes must be determined before installation to avoid installation errors. The bottom basin is pressed by advanced mold equipment and strengthened by multi-step process and special resin paving and bonding, together with 304 stainless steel bracket and device used to adjust the height of the floor, it is strong and wear-resistant, non-slip, anti-clogging and anti-odor, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, so that the whole basin is kept neat and dry.

Installation Steps:


The first step, before installing the bottom basin, you must prepare the shower basin and related construction tools. If the materials are not prepared, various problems can easily occur during the installation process, such as construction interruption. This can easily affect the quality of the next construction. Therefore, people try to prepare the materials and then finish the installation of the bottom water basin at one time.


Step 2. During the installation process, all parts of the bottom basin must be assembled and the horizontal position of the bottom basin must be adjusted to ensure that the water flows smoothly to the corresponding underground water pipes without causing the associated waterlogging.


Step 3: Once the shower is fully installed, it must undergo the relevant tests. The function of the test is to ensure that it is smooth and usable, and once any problems are found, the manufacturer should be contacted immediately to resolve them and ensure that the overall shower room is used in the best possible way.


That way you've installed a shower base, and choosing a good one is the first step in getting started.