Goodyo® 55"x31" Hinged Bath Screen Shower Door

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  • Size: 55" Height X 31"Wide, 1/4" Thickness tempered glass.
  • Pivot:The hinge is installed to the wall, the door panel itself can be opened in180 Degree.
  • Installation: This tub door can be installed with left side opening or right side opening based on customer's preference
  • Hardware: Hinge is made of certificated aluminium,the towel bar/door handle is made of 304 SS, and the panel it self is made of 1/4" tempered glass. A vinyl howlerdoor seal is also included.
  • Guaranteed: We stand behind all of our high-quality products and offer a 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty with 30 days’ hassle-free return policy, and free replacement for all the parts damaged during shipping.

    Goodyo® 55"x31" Hinged Bath Screen...

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Cheap but needed some work

    Screws are crap, swap them out. Get diamond bit to drill into tile.

    Christopher P
    A Stylish and Functional Bath Screen at a Great Value

    I recently installed the Goodyo bathtub panel in my bathroom and have been quite pleased with its performance, especially considering its price point. When comparing it to similar products on the market, I found that it offers comparable features and quality at a significantly lower cost.

    One of the main reasons I chose this panel was to bring more natural light into my bathroom. It has succeeded wonderfully in this respect. The glass panel makes the space feel brighter and more open compared to a traditional shower curtain, even a clear one.

    Installation was relatively straightforward. Mounting the dual panel door did require patience, particularly when drilling through bathroom tiles, but the effort was well worth it. Initially, I had some concerns about the flexibility between the two panels, a point mentioned in other reviews. However, in my experience, the door handle has kept the panels firmly together without any noticeable flex.

    The 180° pivot capability of the door is a great feature, allowing it to swing in either direction. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in my small bathroom, as I can close the door inward when not in use to maximize space.

    Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the Goodyo bathtub panel. It offers a sleek and modern upgrade to the bathroom at a reasonable price. While it's not without its minor challenges during installation, the end result is a stylish and practical shower door solution. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

    Mike H
    Honest Review // Installation Tips for success

    Honest review --> no sponsorships, discounts, 'free' offers, or the like for this product, and I'm referring to another product that I bought (not a shill)

    Executive Summary:
    - Instructions barely sufficient
    - overall, good value for the money

    What I liked:
    - I liked that the door could be either left or right mounted without having to order special parts
    - The handle felt solid. I liked that there were knobs on the other side to use a tug location
    - Glass thickness/weight appropriate for the application. Some of the more expensive kits use 3/8" thick glass, but those weigh 1.5x as much. I think lighter is better. Its easier to install, takes less force to swing, and while stable, isn't so thick/heavy that people without common sense think that it'll hold up to 30-50lbs of downward force. Right... no shower door should be used as a child swing, but that information was apparently left out of the "how to be a parent" instruction sheet. (**sigh**)

    What I didn't like
    - Plastic pivots

    - The packaging was sufficient -- door to arrive without any broken or significant defects/scuff marks.
    - One edge of the aluminum was slightly dented, but didn't detract from the overall aesthetic

    - Glass was ~ 0.25/in thick as described in product description
    - attachment points were mostly aluminum
    - pivot points (method to attach door to aluminum frame) were made of plastic. I'm concerned that they won't hold up over time, especially to torquing forces (someone pulling down on the door when its opened)
    - one screw broke during install. See Tip #2.

    Installation Tips
    - I'm very handy, followed the instructions, and still ended up making a mistake and needing to redo
    - Tip #1: there are two plastic pieces that get pushed into place on the door to act as pivot points -- they are different. Make sure you install the "bottom" one on the bottom of the door (the 'top' of the door is the same side as the curved glass)
    - Tip #2: The swinging part of the door attaches to the frame with three very small sheet metal screws. Do yourself a favor and use a few extra sheet metal screws (1/2" long) AND extra stainless steel covers (I bought "uxcell Mirror Screws Decorative Caps Cover Nails Polished Stainless Steel 10mm 8pcs"). Use extra screws so that both sides of the frame are supporting the door, and also helps you if, like me, one of the screws breaks. The uxcell covers screw on instead of press-fit like what was included in this kit, and are shaped slightly different than what was included in the kit, so either just use the uxcell ones on both sides of the frame and throw away the included covers, or install the uxcell ones on opposite sides of the frame as the included covers, and very few people will be able to tell.
    - Tip #3: Very hard to drill holes precisely aligned and level. Mark and drill the top hole first, install the tile anchor and loosely screw the frame to the wall. You're creating a pendulum and gravity will help keep the frame vertical (verify with level). Now you can mark the other three holes and get precise location. Remove the top screw, pull frame from wall, drill out other holes, and then attach permanently.
    - Tip #4: To attach door to wall frame, you'll need to drill holes for those small screws. It's nearly impossible to keep the two parts aligned and level, or "finding" the hole on the inside piece. I didn't predrill. I used a clamp to try to keep pieces aligned, but expect to be frustrated, and have a friend help you. (this is the only part were a second pair of hands is really necessary) You can tape the level to the top of the door for quick visual reference. I prefer to install the bottom screw first, and then pivot on that bottom screw, line up where to drill the top hole because its closest to the level you taped to the top of the door.
    - Tip #5: if one of the door-to-frame screws breaks, you can try to remove the broken screw, or do what I did and just super glue the decorative cover washer to the frame and press fit the cover to it. Then use your other screws/covers that you smartly bought to make up for the missing support.

    Ana Paula Figura
    Ease of installation

    Play Video easy installation, functional and very beautiful

    Really nice except instructions are crap

    I was looking to replace my shower curtains in my full bath with a glass door. It’s a really nice and modern shower door. It upgraded my bathroom look. The instructions however were crap. It’s only pictures and does not show any detail of the parts to use in each step. Details of the parts would’ve helped tremendously since some of them look failed the same. I recommend two people to install. Took us 2-3 hours to install (most of us trying to figure out what fit where). Overall quality and appearance is good.